Baltic Focus competition

Films produced in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia or co-produced with any of these countries are welcomed to be submitted to this competition. The festival does not impose conditions on film length or onscreen languages.

Films considered for selection must have completed production no earlier than July 2019. Films that have been publicly screened in the Republic of Latvia are not eligible for the ‘Baltic Focus’ competition. Selection preference is given to films with Baltic premiere status. Public screening denotes any and all showings of a film to a general public audience.

To submit a film, please, carefully read the regulations of the festival and fill out the application form online by filling in all marked (*) fields. If one submitter is submitting several films, an online form must be filled out separately for each film.

The submitter should provide a link to an online screener. There must be only one film placed on the link specified in the application form. Films submitted otherwise will not be considered. If a link to Vimeo or YouTube has been provided, the option to download it must be available. If the specified link to the website does not work, or the submission application contains false/erroneous information, the Festival’s Board reserves the right to reject the submission.

NB! Please read the technical requirements for submitting copies of films to be considered for programme inclusion.

To contact the Festival’s Board:

Stabu iela 19, office - 2, Riga, LV-1011

E: office@artdocfest.com

E: office@lavrdoc.ru

Ph: Latvia: +371-2727-4745