Artdocfest/Riga Symposium is a gathering of documentary filmmakers and theoreticians and aims to create a temporary, inspirational space of thought: transfering the knowledge, highlighting the tendencies and discussing the developments within the field. The context of the region, Zeitgeist, films presented at the festival and visions of future perspectives are important and taken into consideration. 

Working sessions of the symposium will take place during four morning sessions at the IDFF Artdocfest/Riga.

Participation in the three closed sessions are restricted for accredited professional audiences only. Participants are gathering in smaller circles suitable for fruitful discussions within a circle of highly valued colleagues and are welcomed to discuss exclusively art, thought, space, essence, content and new or essential evergreen formats of documentary.

One public open session is organized – additionally to the widened professional audiences also students, pedagogues, journalists, researchers and other interested audiences are invited.

Every year a prominent guest – important for the World of Documentary is invited to take part in symposium.

The sessions are documented in a non-intrusive way and aired on several internet and TV platforms with international reach-out. The outcome of the symposium is widely communicated within the media and professional circles of the region and beyond.

The working language of the symposium is English. Translation into Latvian and Russian will be provided.

Detailed information will follow.