Jury 2021
Elena Fanailova — poet, translator, journalist. Born in Voronezh, she graduated from the Voronezh Medical Institute and earned a degree in journalism from Voronezh State University. She worked for six years as a doctor at Voronezh Regional Hospital. In 1995 she became a correspondent for Radio Svoboda, and has lived and worked in Moscow since the late nineties. She has contributed verse and literary reviews to Znamya, the New Literary Review, Critical Mass, Mitin Journal, and other publications. She has also translated the verses of Serhiy Zhadan from Ukrainian. She received the Andrei Bely Prize in 1999 and the Moscow Count Prize in 2003.Her poetry is characterized by its harsh outlook and precise language. During the early 2000s it came to be representative of the new Russian literary preoccupation with the theme of citizenship and the problems of personal historical memory and historical self-image.
Alexey Malobrodsky — Theater manager and producer. Worked in the literary department of the theaters of Krasnodar and Barnaul;Executive Director of the festival and the Golden Mask Award and the Moscow Easter Festival;Deputy Chairman of the Union of Theatre Union of Russia;Director of the film company "Tema production";director of the Moscow theaters – Novy Drama, School of Dramatic Art, Gogol Center;And also at various times – a janitor, a watchman, a driver of cleaning machines of the Moscow metro, an individual entrepreneur, the head of several small enterprises, served in the army, was in prison.Together with director Kirill Serebrenikov and other defendants, he was convicted in a high-profile "theatrical case"He wrote the book " The investigation will understand. Chronicles of Theatrical case" (AST, 2020)As an author and producer, he released a documentary film "The Kremlin Man" (directed by A. Khanyutin)
Elena Lukyanova — doctor of legal sciences. 1984-2013 – teaching Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Till august 2020 - Professor of Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law at the Faculty of Law of National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Now – Professor and co-rector of Brīvā Universitāte (Latvija).2010-2014 – member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. From 2011 to the present day – Director of the Institute of Law Enforcement Effectiveness Monitoring. Member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of Russia.Laureate of the Moscow Helsinki group prize for research in the field of human rights.Executive Director of the international film Festival "New Cinema. XXI century" 2002-2006