Screenings of "Artdocfest" in Russia will be held from 2 to 9 December 2021

The IDFF "Artdocfest" in 2021 will be held in Russia from 2 to 9 December.

Films are to be submitted by their creators, regardless of production company proprietorship, or by individuals/authors if they hold all of the rights to the film. The completed form and a link to the film must be available to the Festival’s Board by September 1, 2021.

Film submission guidelines:

Artdocfest’ – films from around the world. Selection preference is given to films whose makers are from the former USSR, or that have a subject matter dealing with processes in countries of the former Eastern Bloc. Films that have been publicly screened in Latvia and in Russia are not eligible for the ‘Artdocfest’ competition. Public screening denotes any and all showings of a film to a general public audience.

ArtdocNet’ — films from all over the world, filmed in Russian as well as any country of the world and posted by the authors and / or by the copyright holders in the public domain on the Internet.

Out of competition programs. Out-of-competition programs accept films produced all over the world.

Films considered for selection must have completed production no earlier than September 2020.