Par pitčingu

The fourth pitching of Artdocfest / Riga for authors from the countries of the former USSR is changing the format this year. For the first time, it will be held online in connection with the forced transfer to the virtual reality of the planned events of the partner - Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries. The full forum schedule is available on the official website.

We continue to accept submissions on the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch 2021 and announce a unique travel grants that the finalists will receive:

10 projects from the countries of the former USSR were selected for pitching. Also 25 projects were selected as obsevers. In addition to participating in online BSD events, all authors will also have the opportunity to attend the IDFF Artdocfest / Riga festival or the Moscow Artdocfest festival.

Pitch dates remain the same, sessions will be held from September 7 to 9. 

The submissions are accepted online till the 5th of July, 2021.

Artdocfest / Riga administration will contact the authors of the selected projects not later than 10st of August, 2021. The results of the selection will be announced at our website www.artdocfest.com on the 15th of August, 2021.

The best projects will be awarded with the Grant, supported by media project "Current Time". Especially for the participants of the pitching Artdocfest / Riga 2021, our general partner has increased the prize fund for the winners!

Main prize - $ 3000,
The second prize - $ 1,500
The third place - $ 1,500

Regulations of the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch Session:

  1. Dates and place: 07-09th of September 2021 Riga, Latvia.
  2. Goals and objectives: The aim of the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch Session is to assist independent documentaries from the countries of the former USSR in the preparation and development of their projects for the further production of documentaries in an international co-production.
  3. Requirements for participants: There are no age restrictions to participate in the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch Session. Special cinematographic education is not required.
  4. The decision of the Selection Committee to include the project for the participation in the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch Session will be announced on the 10th of August, 2021
    The organisers reserve the right to make changes in the timing of the selection.
  5. Selection: The Selection Committee qualifies projects for participation on the basis of submitted applications and their completeness. The final decision on the selection of projects is made by Artdocfest / Riga and the BSD.
  6. Cost of participation: Artdocfest / Riga will cover the expenses (up to 200 euros) for the travel to Riga and provide three nights in the Festival hotel for the authors of the selected projects*. Also the organisers provide Visa Support**. All other expenses are covered by the participants themselves.
  7. Observers: Authors whose projects were not selected, as well as students of cinematographic educational institutions and journalists can participate as observers. Accreditation of observers will be held after the 15th of August, 2020. Information on the accreditation of observers will be available at artdocfest.com.
  8. Agreement: The sent application for participation in the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch Session means that the author accepts these rules and agrees that the organisers can use his / her personal data, image and information regarding the submitted project as part of the workshop, publications in the catalog and on websites.
  9. In case of any changes in the rules of the event, they will be posted on the site artdocfest.com
  10. Deadline for submission: July 15, 2021 (before 23:59 GMT+3). To participate in the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch session, you must fill out an online application.
  11. Several projects selected by experts will have an opportunity to participate in the main BSD Pitch Session. The authors selected for the BSD Pitch Session will additionally expand the capabilities and rights of the BSD participant in accordance with the Rules of the Forum.
  12. Participants: Up to 10 projects from Russia and the countries of the former USSR (except the Baltic states) will be selected for the participation In the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch Session. Each project can be presented no more than by two people. The presence of the director on the project presentation is strictly required.
  13. Languages: The official language of the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch Session is English, but the organises have an opportunity to translate from Russian and into Russian from English and Latvian. Projects should be submitted in Russian, however, the availability of a translation into English is welcome, especially if the project claims to participate in the BSD.
  14. Methodical program: Participants receive a catalog with information materials: a list of projects, contacts, information on trainers, experts and partners. An important feature of the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch Session will be the opportunity to observe (with translation into Russian) the BSD work - all BSD lectures and final International Pitch Session will be available to the audience, during which directors and producers will get acquainted with information about the audiovisual market in Europe, requirements of European co-production and the principles of project protection at Pitch Sessions.
  15. Final credits of the film: Each participant agrees that the film, which is based on the idea presented at the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch Session, will contain the information in the final credits: "The film was created in cooperation with Artdocfest / Riga", as well as the Artdocfest and the BSD logos. The participant undertakes to provide a link to the finished film to Artdocfest / Riga before the film is shown.

 *The organiser reserves the right to change the conditions of the Artdocfest / Riga Pitch Session for the fare if the ticket price of an individual participant exceeds the approved cost estimate of the event. The organiser does not cover travel or hotel expenses of the participant in case of choosing if they are paid by the participat on his own.

** The organiser provides the participant with the Support Letter which allows to get Free Humanitarian Visa, but does not cover the expenses for Visa Center services and Visa Fee in case of refusal by the Embassy of Latvian Republic to issue Free Humanitarian Visa for the applicant.