Artdocfest Online regulations

Artdocfest Online is a new step of the Artdocfest Festival which was held in Russia until 2022.

The International Documentary Film Festival "Artdocfest" was held in Moscow from 2007 to 2022. In 2017, the competition program of the festival was transferred to Latvia, where in 2020 the Latvian festival IDFF Artdocfest/Riga was established. The competition program Artdocfest became one of the two competition programs of the new festival.

Acceptance of applications: Applications for participation in the Artdocfest Online festival are accepted annually from April 20 to Desember 15 (application here).

Competition program "ArtdocNet": Films from all over the world shot in Russian in any country of the world and films produced by studios registered in the Russian Federation and/or individuals who are citizens of the Russian Federation are allowed to participate in the program, regardless of the language of the film; films that were completed no earlier than 18 months before the deadline for accepting works in the current year, and posted by their authors and / or copyright holders on the Internet.

Films of the competition program "ArtdocNet" are evaluated by a professional international jury, which consists of at least three people. As part of the ArtdocNet competition program, there is also a prize awarded based on the results of the audience voting in the social networks of the Artdocfest Online festival.

Out-of-competition online program: Several special programs take place within the festival.

It is possible to hold round tables with the participation of the press, master classes and presentations. 

Festival President: film director and producer Vitaly Mansky.