Technical requirements


If your film is selected for the festival's competition program, you will be required to provide a copy of your film in two formats:

  • DCP

  • Video file

Below are the technical requirements for the film-copies to provide:



DCP format:


Image resolution: 

2K DCI FLAT (1,85:1)

2K DCI SCOPE (2,39:1)

4K DCI FLAT (1,85:1)

4K DCI SCOPE (2,39:1)


24 fps / 25 fps


Dolby Digital 5.1, Stereo 2.0


In the format of an additional DCP-VF package linked to the main DCP-OV

DCP package naming:

In ISDCF format


Preferably without encryption.

If you intend to provide an encrypted DCP, please inform the festival's technical support in advance by the following email address:


Video file


Image resolution (depending on the resolution of the master copy of the film):

SD: 720x576, 1024x576

HD: 1280x720

FullHD: 1920x1080

2K: 2048x1080

2K DCI FLAT: 1998x1080

2K DCI SCOPE: 2048x858

UltraHD: 3840x2160

4K DCI: 4096x2160

4K DCI FLAT: 3996x2160

4K DCI SCOPE: 4096x1716

Video file container: 

Mp4, MOV.




25 fps /  24 fps /  23,976 fps / 29,97 fps/ 30 fps 

If the video copy of your film has a different frame rate from the ones provided above, please contact the festival’s technical support by the following email address to clarify the playback parameters of your copy.

Video file bitrate: 

For SD and HD formats: from 15 to 25 Mbps, constant bitrate (CBR)

For FHD and 2K formats: from 20 to 30 Mbps, constant bitrate (CBR)

For UHD and 4K formats: from 90 to 120 Mbps, constant bitrate (CBR)     


Audio Encoding Format: AAC, AC3

Audio Bitrate: from 320 kbit/s,

Sample Rate: 48 kHz

Sound Level: -10dB (RMS), -3 (Peak)

Integrated Loudness LUFS: -18... -21

Dynamic Range: 25 - 30dB


• SubRip (.srt)

If your film contains untranslated dialogue, names, or titles in languages other than English, please provide English subtitles in .srt format. Additionally, please send dialogue lists with timecodes.

Please note: burned-in subtitles are not allowed.

Screening copy should be provided till 01.02.2025.