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Daniils Dondurejs — Soviet and Russian culturologist, film critic, sociologist of the media, editor in chief of the journal Iskusstvo Kino, and Candidate of Philosophy. He was a member of Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights, and a member of the Public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress.n 1975-1981, he worked at the Institute of the History of Art, in 1981-1986 in the Scientific Research Institute of Culture of the RSFSR.He compiled a number of scientific collections on the sociology of culture, theory and history of the fine arts, theater and cinema. His works have been translated and published in Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, Cuba, Poland, Romania, USA, France, and Czechoslovakia
Anatolijs Vasiļjevs — theatre director. He is artistic director of the Moscow Theatre "School of Dramatic Arts", Théâtre de l'Europe, and professor of drama in Lyon, France.Vasiliev was born in the Soviet Union and graduated from the faculty of chemistry at Rostov State University. In 1973, he received a degree in directing from the State Institute of Dramatic Art (GITIS), where he first worked with painter and sceneographer Igor Popov. This collaboration continued throughout most of Vasiliev's professional life.As director-Intern for the institute, he staged A Solo for a Clock with Chimes, which first brought him to the attention of Moscow theatre-goers. Subsequent productions of The First Draught of Vassa Zheleznova, in 1978, and The Grown Daughter of a Young Man, in 1979, were both staged at the Stanislavski Theatre).
Marianna Maksimovska — a Soviet Union Russian journalist and television presenter. Maksimovskaya was born in Moscow in 1970. She studied journalism and graduated from the Moscow State University.In 1993 she began working for TV companies as a presenter or a correspondent. She worked at the Russian TV companies ORT, NTV, TVS and TV6. She was an anchor and news presenter for Vladimir Gusinsky's NTV Station. In 2003 she was a deputy editor at REN TV.In November 2005 REN TV fired Olga Romanova, the anchor of its daily 24 news flagship. Despite much publicity around the incident, her manner of reporting was continued by Maksimovskaya presenting "Week" for REN TV.