Jury 2018
Competition program
Zara Abdullaeva — Author of books, articles, essays on the history and theory of cinema, theater and literature. Author for The Film Art Magazine, Seance, Soviet Film, Theater, Literature Review, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Kommersant, and others). Author of a blog on the website of the Film Art Magazine.Laureate of a number of professional awards: USSR Filmmakers Union Award for the best book of the year ("Living Nature. Pictures of Roman Balayan", 1989) and Russian Guild of Film Criticsthe Awards.
Alvis Hermanis — Since 1997, he has been the artistic director of the New Riga Theatre, some of the programming of which is devoted to the classical repertoire, particularly the works of German and Russian writers. However, he also stages more contemporary works such as Sonia by the Russian author Tatiana Tolstaia (presented at the Avignon Festival in 2008). His productions have been seen in over 40 countries—more specifically, in Wellington, Bogota, Seoul, Montreal and Moscow. They have also featured at several major festivals including the Salzburg Festival, the Avignon Festival, the Edinburgh Festival, the Wiener Festwochen, the Holland Festival, the International Theatre Festival in Belgrade and the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels. In 2012, the Swiss cultural magazine Du, bringing together theatre world experts from twenty countries, named him one of the ten most influential personalities in contemporary European Theatre.
Galina Timchenko — Founder and executive director of Meduza. Ex-chief editor of the Lenta.ru Internet publication, recognized by Harvard University as the most widely quoted media in the Russian-language news field. In October 2014, together with several former journalists, Lenta.ru launched a new media outlet in Latvia, since it was not possible to create an independent publishing house in Russia.
Oleg Mavromatti — born 1965, Volgograd, USSR. In 1995 Mavromatti founded the independent film union SUPERNOVA, a fortress of Moscow radical cinema. Some of their films like “The Green Elephant” (1999) and “Bastards” (2000) became cult movies at that time and now they inspire Internet communities that create fan memes daily. Mavromatti is also a prominent representative of radical performance art scene in 1990s Moscow. He has been prosecuted for his critical performance art and film work therefore he left the country in 2000 and since then he lives in Bulgaria and New York. A New York Foundation for the Arts fellow for 2015. In 2004, together with artists Boryana Rossa he established art collective ULTRAFUTURO, focused on the social impacts of technology in contemporary society.
Ksenia Larina — Закончила ГИТИС, актерский факультет. Работала актрисой в театре имени Пушкина и в театре САТИРИКОН имени А.Райкина. В журналистике — с 90-го года, вела отдел культуры в газете «Мегаполис-Экспресс», печаталась в «Литературке», театральной газете АФИША и др. Дебютировала в качестве ведущей на «Радио России-Ностальжи», с 91 года — на «Эхе Москвы». Вела ежевечернюю Гостиную в прямом эфире, автор передачи «Четыре Минуты С Театром». С 99-го постоянно в эфире по выходным с 9 до 15-ти. Параллельно работала на телевидении. Вела кино-игру «Знай Наших!» и программы из цикла «Двойной Портрет» на Российском ТВ, на канале РЕН-ТВ ток-шоу «За и Против». Руководитель и ведущая ежедневной телепрограммы «Третий лишний»,с 2005 года — шеф-редактор журнала «Театрал».
Irina Umnova — journalist and psychotherapist, arrived in Canada in 2015. In Russia, she worked as the deputy Editor-in-Chief of the international project Psychologies Magazine. Now she conducts her own practice in Toronto as a Registered Psychotherapist.