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Artdocfest tour to Kaluga
Artdocfest tour to Kaluga
  • 29 min
  • Russian
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Documentary essay about the Ural monotown Karabash. It is often referred to by the media as "the dirtiest city on the planet". This title has not been officially confirmed, but two centuries of copper production have really left a tangible imprint on the local nature, putting the city on the brink of an ecological disaster. The main force in the city is the copper smelter, the main source of both jobs and pollution. Young worker Volodya tells how life works in the city, where nothing ever changes.
Film crew
  • Director:
    Ilya Komarov
  • Cinematographer:
    Ilya Komarov, Pavel Samokhvalov
  • Producer:
    Egor Mostovshchikov, Alexey Ferapontov, Anton Yarosh
  • Composer:
    Zurkas Tepla
  • Sound operator:
    Fedor Balashov
  • Film studio:
    «Батенька, Да вы трансформер»
  • Language:
  • Artdocfest 2019
  • Lavr doc 2019
    Second round