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The End
  • 48 min
  • Russian
Watch at
A film about the presidential campaign of Grigory Yavlinsky in the 2018 elections. Anna Artemyeva, a correspondent for Novaya Gazeta, spent a month at Yavlinsky's campaign headquarters and accompanied him on his election trips. Most the presidential candidate warned about then is coming true: the pension reform, the economic crisis, the change in the basic law, the irremovability of power... In the 2018 elections, 77% of voters voted for Putin. For Yavlinsky - 1%. The film tells about the doomed attempt of a decent person to warn his country and fight for it in modern political realities.
Film crew
  • Director:
    Anna Artemeva
  • Screenwriter:
    Anna Artemeva, Kirill Sakharnov
  • Cinematographer:
    Anna Artemeva
  • Producer:
    Novaya Gazeta
  • Composer:
    Marina Makarova
  • Sound operator:
    Vladimir Belyaev
  • Theme:
  • Film studio:
    "Новая газета"
  • Country of action:
  • Period of action:
  • Language:
  • Artdocfest 2020