Acceptance of works for the "Baltic Focus" competition until January 15, 2022

The second edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Artdocfest/ Riga invites applications for the two competition programs.

In the competition program Baltic Focus we are expecting films produced in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia or co-produced with one of these countries. Films that have not been screened in Latvia before the festival can participate in this competition program. Preference is given to films with the Baltic premiere status.

The Artdocfest competition program contains films from all over the world. The selection committee gives the preference to works whose authors and/or themes are related to the countries from so called “former Eastern Bloc”. Films that have previously been publicly screened in Latvia and/or Russia are not suitable for the “Artdocfest” competition. By public screening we understand the demonstration of the film to a wider audience.

The festival does not impose conditions on the length, language or theme of the film. Films from both programs will be judged by independent international juries. Based on the decisions of the juries the winning films will be awarded prizes, incl. cash bonuses.

The completed form and link to the film screener must be available to the festival selection committee by 15 December 2021 (Artdocfest competition program) and 15 January 2022 (Baltic Focus competition program).

The links provided in the application form must contain only one film. If a link is provided to the vimeo.com or youtube.com platforms a download option must be available. The film application can be submitted online at www.artdocfest.com by filling in all marked (*) fields.
Application form is here.

The second edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Artdocfest / Riga will take place on March 3-8, 2022. During IDFF Artdocfest / Riga various events for the film industry will take place - public discussions, documentary film symposium, film discussions with the author and public participation.

We would also like to remind you that the screening of the films from the festival’s 2020/2021 edition will take place September 3-9 at the cinema Splendid Palace in Riga. Q&A with authors will take place before and /or after the screenings. The film program is available here.

The partners and supporters of the festival and symposium are the Riga City Council, as well as the Latvian State Cultural Capital Foundation, the Latvian National Film Center and several international foundations. The partners of the festival are the USA television channel Current time and the German TV channel Deutsche Welle, cinema Splendid Palace. Information support: www.delfi.lv, www.lsm.lv, LTV, www.kinoraksti.lv