"Bitter Love" by Jerzy Sładkowski is the third film of the Artdocfest competition program

Bitter Love” 

by Jerzy Sładkowski (a Polish director living in Sweden) tells about the accidental non-coincidences that happened on a cruise ship sailing along the Volga. And what was simply impossible to predict before the shooting of the film was embodied in reality in the best traditions of Bergman's poetry.

The author explores the relationship between single men and women who decided to find a mate while traveling. Among them — a lovesick misfit, a mysterious beauty, a retired civil servant, a randy fortuneteller, and a couple of doubtful, young, charismatic lovers. They have one thing in common — similar emotional problems of suffering and doubts. However, they’ve come to the right place. River cruises in Russia are sometimes called floating matchmaking agencies. What does fate have in store for them?