"Country in Exile" won the Grand Prix of the competition "ArtdocNet"

The awards ceremony for ArtDocNet.

The results of the Artdocfest-2022 online competition were announced on April 6 in Moscow in a closed format.

Moderator Vitaly Mansky (zoom). The jury members: Alexey Malobrodsky, Elena Fanailova (zoom), Elena Lukyanova (zoom).

The winners of the ArtDocNet competition, which included films published on the Internet by their copyright holders.

  • Grand Prix

Country in exile by Mariya Borzunova
The film is currently unavailable because it was published on channel Dozhd (TV Rain), which is closed at the moment.

  • Best director

Presidential candidate by Anna Nemzer

  • Special prize

Third wave by Konstantin Selin

  • Special mention

The carriage is served by Maksim Pakhomov

  • Viewer's Choice:

1. Country in exile by Mariya Borzunova

2. Migrants league by  Aleksey Smolyaninov

3. War in Afghanistan: reporting from Kabul / The Graveyard of Empires: why the Taliban turns out stronger than the USA by Ilya Varlamov

All of them are published on youtube and there are no professional subs (just automatic Russian + automatic translation to any other language).