Competition program
We are glad to present the participants of the main competition Artdocfest-2020/2021. The program is announced gradually and will be fully presented at the end of October 2020. First the screenings will be held in Riga (Latvia), as part of the first international festival IDFF Artdocfest/Riga, and then at the Artdocfest in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Special screenings
Within the festival in 2021 special screenings will be held: the full version of the film by Alexander Rastorguev “Wild. Wild beach. Tender Heat ”, a program of German films and other unique cinema events.
Environment. Online
Out-of-competition program of online films.
Baltic focus
The Baltic Focus competition program includes ten outstanding works created in the Baltic States or co-produced with other countries. Films will be shown in Latvia for the first time. All of them have a characteristic of Baltic cinema such as documentary factuality in interaction with imaginative cinema language.
The main non-competitive program, without which the festival simply would not exist. This is the cinematic air without which suffocation occurs.
Environment. More life
The authors of the films of this program bravely raise questions that are higher than ordinary, higher everyday and even life problems, more essential questions to which we are accustomed and learned to answer.
Environment. Together  
The coexistence of the sexes has been problematic lately. Are we really made for each other?
Environment. Recent history
These films are dedicated to the processes and events of the past that continue to exist in the present, and heroes who became participants and ... hostages.
Environment. ParaDocs
Documentaries have courage. Sometimes it consists in telling about characters and facts that are not unambiguous.
Environment. Sport, or Art
Sport is a godsend for documentary films, drama "in an open form". Even victories are preceded by dramas.
Environment. Long live Belarus!
Films about the past of the country that created the Belarus we recently met: unbending, resourceful, free.
After the USSR
Documentaries from and about the post-Soviet countries are definitely the best way to understand neighbors.
Artdocfest in Tashkent
Artdocfest Tour to Tashkent will take place from 5 to 11 January 2021. Screenings, lectures, master classes and discussions will be held in the independent gallery “139 Documentary Center.” The program includes exclusive screenings of Artdocfest-2020 and 2019 films, as well as Q&A with their authors.