We are glad to present the program ArtdocNet-2022, the second most important competition of Artdocfest festivalThere are 21 films in the competition and you are welcome to watch and vote for your favorite films in the Facebook group . Voting will last until April 6. Also, the program is evaluated annually by an international jury. The winners will be announced in April at the closing ceremony of Artdocfest-2022 in Moscow.
"Artdocfest" competition program
Competitive program of the festival "Artdocfest"-2022. It includes 19 films made by filmmakers from 13 countries.
The main non-competitive program, without which the festival simply would not exist. This is the cinematic air without which suffocation occurs.
Special screenings
Special screenings of the festival.
Кино будущего
Debut films by young authors about young heroes and themselves.
Environment. History
These films are dedicated to the processes and events of the past that continue to exist in the present, and heroes who became participants and ... hostages.
After the USSR
Documentaries from and about the post-Soviet countries are definitely the best way to understand neighbors.
Environment. Paradocs
Documentaries have courage. Sometimes it consists in telling about characters and facts that are not unambiguous.
Environment. Online
Out-of-competition program of online films.
10 years ago, we were the first to start showing films about the inner life of a person, about the psychological state of our contemporary. This year we are resuming this tradition in Moscow.
Artdocfest in Moscow has been organizing an industrial section for several years. During meetings, novice documentary filmmakers can learn something new about the profession, ask speakers questions and even find like-minded people for their projects.This year ArtdocSchool will be held from 2nd to 6th of April in the 8th hall of the October cinema.