Artdocfest / Rīga 2021 projektu konkursa finālisti
In Search of the Miraculous
Režisors Tanya Bazhenova

The action takes place in Moscow. The main character is a young artist Ida, who is trying to find her place in the world of modern art.
In search of inspiration, Ida goes to exhibitions of other artists. Each of them is a carefully orchestrated reconstruction of the sensational exhibitions of the 1990s-2000s. These exhibitions are closed before they have time to open. Time after time, they are smashed by critics, law enforcement officers and activists concerned about public morality. Throughout the film, Ida visits five exhibitions, for the ideas of which she will grab for her first and possibly last creation.

Free voices
Režisors Docwave

„Free voices” is a project about the guerrilla choir in Belarus unexpectedly appearing in public places to sing resistance songs hiding their faces. They become a powerful reference to inspire Belarusians not to give up in the fight for freedom. The authorities started a real hunt for the choir members, many of them were repressed. Following the choir at breathtaking performances and listening to authentic songs, we observe the brave and creative story of the Belarusian protest.

And his brothers
Russia / Germany / Belgium / Wish Media
Režisors Alexandra Likhacheva, Producents Anna Shalashina

This is a story about the fate of those who live on the Ossetian land and keep traditions - a hunter, a hermit, an old woman, a beekeeper, a young skimmer. Their different fates merge into one story of forgiveness, humility and repentance. In the story of an Ossetian man who first prays to God, and then to his mother. In the history of an Ossetian woman, which is more fearless than any man.

Režisors / Producer Agniia Galdanova

Two drag divas from Russia fiercely fight for the right to follow their path: on the one hand there’s a total misunderstanding from their families and cruel domestic homophobia, and on the other - the mechanical government apparatus historically designed to suppress certain expressions of freedom.

Russia / Belarus
Režisors Alexander Zubovlenko

A provincial priest, Father Andrei, in his free time from work, digs the graves of priests in the summer cottage village and dug up the foundations of an ancient church on the banks of the reservoir. Andrei washes the dug bones with trepidation in the attic of Mayakovsky's dacha. But at some point, this activity begins to occupy all the time of the hero. Excavation of bones and passion for philosophy lead him into conflict with the church leadership. And the only ones who admire and support him are local freaks. Unfortunately, this is not what he is aiming for.

Black Sky
Režisors Vitaly Akimov

The scene of the film is Krasnoyarsk. Filming is being conducted during the "black sky" period. "Black sky" is the time when a critical level of environmental pollution is recorded in the city: due to exhaust emissions from factories, public institutions and schools are closed...

The Cellar
Režisors Diana Zhilkenova

The main characters of the film are Dina, Elena and Johanna.
Johanna Akbergenova is a journalist, activist of the NeMolchiKZ social movement, who was born as a result of rape.
Elena Ivanova is a student girl, working at a construction site, survived a rape by her boss. Knowing that she could hardly win, she filed a lawsuit for rape.
Dina Smailova — at the age of 20 she survived a gang rape, and after 25 years this crime was still unpunished. She was the first woman in Kazakhstan who wrote an open post on Facebook about her experience. Circumstances developed in such a way that she became the head of the Public Fund "NeMolchi KZ (Don't be silentKZ)", where she helps victims of violence to achieve justice and punishment for criminals.
These women have broken the wall of silence, they light a hope in those women who are still afraid of public censure, they cause a resonance in society.
In interviews with the heroines, we find out what helps them to hold on and move on, to fight for their rights, even if the whole world is against them.

Režisors / Producer Andrey Gryazev

The film is made of videos that were shot and posted on the Internet by teenagers born in the 21st century who live in Russia. This video archive covers a 10-year period of various events in Russia and captures the vector of the development of society and country. What future awaits our country? This can be answered by simply remembering what past the younger generation has lived through.

Characters study
Režisors Nikita Efimov, Producents Marina Razbezhkina

Виктор Рыжаков возглавляет театр «Современник» после смерти Галины Волчек, руководившей труппой без малого полвека и пользовавшейся абсолютным авторитетом. Главную роль в первом спектакле Рыжакова играет Марина Неелова – прима театра, когда-то блиставшая во всех важных спектаклях Волчек. Неелова категорически не согласна с режиссерским видением Рыжакова. И чем ближе к премьере, тем напряженнее становятся их творческие споры.

Režisors Nikita Ikonnikov, Producents Yanna Buryak


The pandemic caught Svetlana in a provincial Russian town, out of work, with a beloved military man and male identity papers, which she needs to change to female ones at any cost.