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Environment. Online
Environment. Online
Carmen, or the story of the unhappy love of Hanspeter of Oberkassel, which brought happiness to my children in a foreign country
  • 80 min
  • German, Russian
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The director of the film with three children moves to work in Germany. Lost and disoriented in the alien environment, the children start attending a circus school run by 60-year-old Hanspeter Kurtzhals. This helps them learn German and make friends in Germany. And the story of Hanspeter himself plunges the director into the past and forces him to go in search of circus actress Carmen, from whom only a few photographs of 30 years ago remain. In search of Carmen, who spends the night in a new place every week, cannot read or write, does not have an account in social networks and a permanent phone number, the director traveled 500 kilometers, visited four cities and five federal states of Germany, at a fair, in a stable, in in a beer tent, in a gypsy camp, I heard a dozen incredible stories and drew a large family tree.
Film crew
  • Director:
    Julia Vishnevetskaya
  • Screenwriter:
    Julia Vishnevetskaya, Shura Burtin
  • Cinematographer:
    Martin Friedrich
  • Producer:
    Julia Vishnevetskaya
  • Theme:
    Emigration, Portrait, Circus
  • Film studio:
    Zemo Magaro
  • Language:
    German, Russian
  • Lavr doc 2022
    Best Art Film
  • Artdocfest 2023
    Environment. Online