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Environment. Long live Belarus!
Environment. Long live Belarus!
The New Sky Above the New Country
  • 41 min
  • Russian, Belarusian
  • English
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Every year, on the days of the summer solstice, Belarusians celebrate the Kupalle (Ivan Kupala) holiday. This is a celebration of unity with the native land, which has always given the Belarusians an energy charge for the whole year. New couples were created on Kupalle, children were conceived. There are no Belarusians without Kupalle. The current political situation has broken the connection of Belarusians with their native culture, tradition, has replaced the true spiritual values ​​of the nation with a trend of base mass entertainment. But the people's initiative lives on, and traditions live on, and Belarus lives side by side with the imposed absurdity.
Film crew
  • Director:
    Olga Prusak
  • Screenwriter:
    Olga Prusak
  • Cinematographer:
    Evgeny Vrublevski
  • Producer:
    Olga Prusak
  • Sound operator:
    Evgeny Vrublevski
  • Theme:
  • Country of action:
  • Language:
    Russian, Belarusian
  • Subtitles:
  • Artdocfest 2020
    Environment. Long live Belarus!