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Artdocfest Open
Artdocfest Open
The Dmitriev Affair
  • 96 min
  • Russian, English
  • English
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The riveting story of Yuri Dmitriev is a tale of one man’s fight against the erasure of history by the Russian state. Deep inside the Russian forests, against the wishes of the authorities, 60-year-old Yuri Dmitriev searches for mass graves from the era of Stalin’s terror against his own people – until one day he is arrested and sentenced to 15 years in a penal colony. The film paints a shocking picture of the way the Russian state rewrites history and treats its citizens.

Film crew
  • Director:
    Jessica Gorter
  • Screenwriter:
    Jessica Gorter
  • Cinematographer:
    Sander Snoep, Sergei Markelov, Alexandra Ivanova, Jessica Gorter
  • Producer:
    Frank van den Engel
  • Sound operator:
    Mark Wessner
  • Theme:
    Human rights, Propaganda
  • Film studio:
    Zeppers film
  • Language:
    Russian, English
  • Subtitles:
  • Artdocfest 2024
    Jury Special Mention Award