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"Baltic focus" competition program
"Baltic focus" competition program
  • 73 min
  • no
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Yoyogi is a place of freedom and going beyond everything human. Like the first flight to the sky. This film combines two strange and seemingly overlapping peculiarities. On the one hand, there is a distant, almost scientific in its dryness, observation of ordinary scenes of people’s life in the park, on the other hand, a feeling of some kind of magic and the impossibility of what is happening.
Film crew
  • Director:
    Max Golomidov
  • Screenwriter:
    Max Golomidov
  • Cinematographer:
    Max Golomidov
  • Producer:
    Volia Chajkouskaya, Ivo Felt, Yu Nakajima
  • Composer:
    Yuma Koda
  • Sound operator:
    Dmitry Natalevich
  • Theme:
    Lifestyle, Philosophy
  • Film studio:
    Volia Films, Allfilm, Kofuba
  • Language:
  • Artdocfest 2023
    Baltic Focus program Best Director