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Among the seven islands
  • 74 min
  • Tatar
  • Russian
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In the 60s of the XX century the construction of the Nizhnekamsk hydroelectric power station began. According to the plan, 173,000 hectares of land in the republics of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and the Perm region were to remain under water. Here preparatory work begins: forests are cut down, electrical lines are disabled, the dead of the local cemetery are reburied, residential buildings are destroyed, 700 thousand people are resettled. The village of Semiostrovo was also in the flood zone, and in 1976 the population left these lands, but one person remained. At the same time, despite the government's warnings, the village was not flooded.
Film crew
  • Director:
    Almaz Nurgaliev
  • Screenwriter:
    Almaz Nurgaliev
  • Cinematographer:
    Dinar Akhmetzyanov, Aydar Nizamov, Almaz Nurgaliev
  • Producer:
    Artem Osipenko
  • Theme:
    Lifestyle, Village, Ethnography
  • Film studio:
    Оста Production
  • Language:
  • Subtitles:
  • Artdocfest 2022