ArtdocSchools-2023 program announced

ArtdocSchool in 2023 will be held in Almaty as part of Artdocfest/Asia from 8 to 15 April.

This kind of film school is relevant for those who are actively working in documentary films and journalism, and for those who are just starting to take their first steps in this direction. During lectures beginning documentary filmmakers, can learn something new about the profession, ask speakers any questions that might be bothering or ask for advice and even find like-minded people for their project.

The festival management invites authors who were noticed at the preselection stage and who fill out an submission for participation on our website as listeners of the ArtdocSchool.

The school lessons are held during the festival days in the morning. There are lectures and master classes in various areas relating to journalism and non-fiction films. Lessons are conducted on screenwriting, directing, camera work, as well as technical consultations and lectures on strategies for promoting documentary films at festivals. Experts share recommendations on finding and attracting a producer, as well as experience in independent production. It presents a wide range of knowledge needed by young documentary filmmakers for their professional growth. The speakers are significant guests, famous directors and participants of the festival.

Artdoc School Schedule 2023:

April 09 — "Cameramanship for a documentary filmmaker" by Alexandra Ivanova.

April 10 — "Search for a producer or self-producing + pitching + working with festivals" by Marianna Kaat and Victoria Belopolskaya.

April 11 — "Search for a topic. From an idea and a character to a script. Format and non-format" by Dmitry Kubasov and Svetlana Leshchinskaya.

April 12 — "Direction, work with the hero" by Antoine Cattin and Sasha Kulak.

April 13 — "The Birth of a Film in Editing" by Andrey Gryazev.

April 14 — Master class by Vitaly Mansky.

April 15 — Final meeting with a discussion of the films with the participation of Vitaly Mansky and Victoria Belopolskaya.