International Documentary Film Festival Artdocfest/Riga 2023 announces film pitching sessions

IDFF Artdocfest/Riga announces the beginning of a scholarship programme for independent filmmakers from post-soviet and Eastern Europe countries, focusing on countries where filmmakers are suppressed by authoritarian regimes. More information about the scholarship programme can be found here.

The aim of Artdocfest/Fund is to promote the freedom of speech, freedom of artistic creativity and civil freedom altogether. Currently Artdocfest/Fund is working on a special documentary film programme, with aims to address, reach and give voice to people and filmmakers in countries with limited access to democracy and freedom of speech. Films included in this programme are shown both in cinemas, as well as on the internet, making them publicly accessible.

Artdocfest/Fund is completely financed thanks to and by respectable international and private state institutions outside Latvia. The aim of these institutions is to promote democracy all around the world.

“In time when Russia continues its brutal and aggressive attack on Ukraine and Ukrainian people, we are thankful for the chance to continue our work in free, democratic and independent Latvia. We continue to make movies and create a festival which opposes dictatorship, violations of human rights and totalitarian regimes. Latvia is an example for those fighting for creative freedom both in art and in life,” the founder of IDFF Artdocfest/Riga Vitaly Mansky.

IDFF Artdocfest/Riga will take place from 2nd until 9th of March, in 2023. We remind you that until the 15th of January you have the chance to apply for IDFF Artdocfest/Riga in two programmes – “Artdocfest Open” and “Baltic Focus”. More information about the application can be found here.