We are glad to present the program ArtdocNet-2022, the second most important competition of Artdocfest festival There are 21 films in the competition and you are welcome to watch and vote for your favorite films in the Facebook group . Voting will last until April 6. Also, the program is evaluated annually by an international jury. The winners will be announced in April at the closing ceremony of Artdocfest-2022 in Moscow.
What is it to breathe?
Aleksandr Elkan
Russia, 2020
Belarus: Recalculating Route
Maksim Shved
Belarus, 2020
Do not shoot the bald man!
Anna Artemyeva
Russia, 2021
Vladlena Savenkova
Russia, Germany, 2021
Children of the GULAG
Creative producer Oksana Serbinova
Russia, 2021
"Banned profession". Coup in journalism in Russia
Tatyana Preobrazhenskaya
Russia, 2021
Presidential candidate
Anna Nemzer
Russia, 2021
The carriage is served
Maksim Pahomov
Russia, 2021
War in Afghanistan: reporting from Kabul / The Graveyard of Empires: why the Taliban turns out stronger than the USA
Ilya Varlamov
Russia, 2021
Cradle of life
Anastasia Ledyaeva
Latvia, 2020
Migrants league
Aleksey Smolyaninov
Russia, 2020
Namedni-2020-2. Tiktok. Beirut. Khabarovsk. Belarus. Karabakh. Morgenstern. Navalny and poison
Leonid Parfenov, Pavel Elkin
Russia, 2021
St. Petersburg - Motygino: how a young director made the province fashionable
Sasha Sulim
Russia, 2020
Teens & cats
Egor Isaev
Russia, 2021
They will figure it out themselves
Sergey Hazov-Kassia
Russia, 2020
Andrey Silvestrov
USA, Russia, 2021
Country in exile
Mariya Borzunova
Russia, 2021
Third wave
Konstantin Selin
Russia, 2021
We have this happening
Vladimir Sevrinovsky, Svetlana Anokhina
Russia, 2020
A Man Captured by Drugs: The Story of an Addicted Soul
Maya Volf
Russia, 2021
This is Edik
Roman Super, Ivan Proskuryakov
Russia, 2021
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