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"Artdocfest" competition program
"Artdocfest" competition program
Beyond the White
  • 90 min
  • Russian
  • English
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Nature and man, space and time, life and death - in the far north of Russia, everything merges together. Somewhere beyond the Arctic Circle, a few dozen people continue to live surrounded by water, stone and sand. Disconnected from the infrastructure and forgotten by the state, these people are forced to deal with their own problems. Their villages are threatened by the fate of many Russian villages - slow, inevitable extinction. Each scene in the film questions the meaning of life and shows a person's life in a place where nature writes the laws.


Zürich Film Festival (Switzerland) / Focus Competition - World premiere

German Cinematography Award 2022 (Germany) - Nomination
European Cinematography AWARDS, ECA (Netherlands) - Best Documentary
International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo (Japan) - Best Feature Film
IDFF Artdocfest (Latvia) - Jury Special Mention
ORION International Film Festival (Australia) - Best Cinematography
Wisdom Tree International Film Festival (India) - Best Art Documentary
Golden Giraffe International Film Festival (France) - Best Feature Documentary
ARFF Paris - Around Films International Festival (France) - Fest Regards Special Mention


Achill Island Film Festival (Ireland)
BIFF - Boden International Film Festival (Sweden)
DDIFF - Dingle Distillery International Film Festival (Ireland)
FICMEC - Festival Internacional de Cine, Medioambiental de Canarias (Spain)
Flahertiana (Russia)
FSFF - Fünf Seen Film Festival (Germany)
IFF Arctic Open (Russia)
Jerusalem Anthropological Film Festival (Israel)
MAFF - Matsalu Nature Film Festival (Estonia)
New York Film Week (USA)
Prague International Film Awards (Czech Republic)
Rotterdam Independent Film Festival (Netherlands)
Sacramento Independent Film Festival (USA)
Seattle Filmmaker Awards (USA)
UMFF - Ulju Mountain Film Festival (Southkorea)
Vancouver Independent Film Festival (Canada)
Vancouver Movie Awards (Canada)
Film crew
  • Director:
    Evgeny Kalachikhin
  • Screenwriter:
    Anastasia Gorokhova
  • Cinematographer:
    Aleksandra Medianikova
  • Producer:
    Nina Bärmann
  • Composer:
    Dilyara Gabitova
  • Sound operator:
    Dima Grishkov
  • Theme:
    Lifestyle, Village
  • Film studio:
    Nina Bärmann
  • Language:
  • Subtitles:
  • Artdocfest 2022
    Jury Special Mention Award