The ArtdocNet program of the festival "Artdocfest"-2023.

“ArtdocNet” is the only festival programme available to the Russian audience after IDFF Artdocfest was closed and banned in Russian Federation. The winners of the “ArtdocNet” programme will be selected by an international jury and awarded prizes in three categories:

- Grand Prize;
- Award for Best Director;
- Special Jury Prize.

The jury who worked on selecting the movies for the “ArtdocNet” programme did that while being outside of Russia. Members of the “ArtdocNet” jury are currently living in emigration in Switzerland, Israel and Germany.

Films selected for “ArtdocNet” are not financed by Russian government. These films have not gained a license by the Russian Federation and are banned from any public showcasing in Russia – a country which politically is currently dominated by a totalitarian regime.

In a time when the Russian public space is dominated by propaganda, created and determined by a totalitarian dictator, it is important to remember various and different voices, who choose to oppose the regime and openly talk about the war in Ukraine, talk about various communities. These film makers give voice to people whose voices have been silenced. They create a space where people can freely share their opinions.

Also, the best film of the competition will be determined by the audience. Voting will take place until 12:00 on April 07, 2023 on Facebook and Telegram. In each network, you can vote for one film, the results will be added up.

Movies selected in the “ArtdocNet” programme are available for spectators in their respective original language with english subtitles.

Competition results are here .